Emma Bengtsson

New York City (US)

4th - 8th February 2020

Guest of local chef Matthias Schmidberger, Grand Hotel des Bains Kempinski*****-W-

Emma Bengtsson

2 Michelin stars

World’s Best Female Chef 2018 (Best Chef Awards)

3 stars (New York Times, 2015)


Emma Bengtsson_Food

The Swedish two-star chef Emma Bengtsson delights guests as patissier and executive chef at the New York eatery Aquavit, serving up exceptionally aromatic desserts and dishes from her home country. For her creations, Emma Bengtsson loves turning to traditional basic techniques used in Sweden before electricity existed, “I love all these techniques such as curing, pickling or fermenting.” She followed the call to New York in 2010 after different professional stints, among others at Edsbacka Krog in Stockholm, at that time the only two-star restaurant in Sweden. In her role as patissier, she saw Aquavit gain its first Michelin star in next to no time, and the second following quickly with her as Chef de Cuisine, a role she has held since 2014. She therefore became only the second lady chef in the USA after Dominique Crenn, whose cookery skills had also been awarded two stars; and to this day, she is the only Swedish two-star lady chef in America.

According to her, tradition, seasonality and perfection are the cornerstones of her formula for success. In 2016, she opened a second Aquavit in London. Emma Bengtsson’s most inspiring role models, apart from her grandmother – since her earliest childhood – include the current three-star chef Dominique Crenn.