Young Engadine Talents

in cooperation with the "Schweizer Kochverband"

Next event: January 2022
Suvretta House, St. Moritz

Before the official start of the St. Moritz Gourmet Festival, the competition for the up-and coming «Young Engadine Talents» took place for the ninth time in the kitchen of Suvretta House in St. Moritz, new in cooperation with the “Schweizer Kochverband”. The encouragement of young cooking talent is an affair of the heart for the festival organisers and therefore an integral component of the festival since 2012. The com-petition was organised and ran by Suvretta House Executive Chef Fabrizio Zanetti and Master Chef Roland Jöhri. All apprentice chefs from the Engadine, in their third year of training, have been invited to participate. They faced the demanding task of conju-ring up two gourmet dishes using a fixed basket of produce. As every year, the basket of produce was donated by Rageth Comestibles AG. The participants had to prove their skills in front of a five-member specialist jury. Alongside Fabrizio Zanetti and Roland Jöhri, the jury was composed of Claudio Dietrich, Hotel Director at Waldhaus in Sils-Maria, Dario Cadonau, Director at IN LAIN Hotel Cadonau in Brail, and new also Rolf Fliegauf, Executive Chef at the Ecco St. Moritz.

The three first place winners had the opportunity of participating in the Porsche Gourmet Finale on 8th February 2020 at Suvretta House, where they were celebrated in front of a large audience. The main prize for the winner is a period of training with Master Chef Rolf Fliegauf at Hotel Giardino Ascona.

Winner 2020

The competition 2020 was won by Chiara Courtin, apprentice chef at the Suvretta House (middle). The jury chose participant Maximilian Thöny in second place (right), apprentice chef at the Hotel Waldhaus Sils, and Marino Taisch was selected in third position (left), apprentice chef at the Consorzi Chasa Puntota in Scuol .