Hideaki Sato

Ta Vie
Hong Kong / CN

Guest of Executive Chef Jeremy Degras
Badrutt’s Palace Hotel*****-W-

29 January - 03 February 2024

Hideaki Sato, Ta Vie, Hong Kong / CN

3 Michelin Stars

No. 38 on Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants, 2021

Sato Hideaki_Food

GOURMET DÎNER WITH HIDEAKI SATO – 01.02.2024 – 02.02.2024

What do you get when you combine the legendary national cuisines of Japan and France and cook using only the finest ingredients? One of the best restaurants in Asia! Since Hideaki Sato opened the «Ta Vie» restaurant in Hong Kong in 2016, the establishment has had an impressive success story. First awarded one Michelin star, then two stars for six consecutive years from 2017, it climbed to the summit of the gourmet world with three stars in 2023. Even the beginning of Sato’s career in French cuisine was marked by the highest standards. When he then turned to the cuisine of his home country Japan, his career took him to one of Tokyo’s best restaurants, the “Nihonryori Ryugin,” awarded three stars. Sato was at the head of its Hong Kong branch for three years, collecting numerous prizes and awards. The 47-year-old’s mantra is unpretentious: “Pure, simple and seasonal”.

Restaurant critics more often use another attribute: sensational. Sato’s passion for cooking and his joy in experimenting, as well as the best ingredients from his native Japan, make the “Ta Vie” restaurant (French: Your Life) one of the top addresses in the gourmet mecca of Hong Kong. One of the showpiece dishes at “Ta Vie”: Nozaki beef, the best Wagyu meat in the world, grilled on charcoal and smoked with magnolia leaves. The gastronomic testers of the current Guide Michelin summed up the taste experience as: “Unique cuisine - worth a trip.”