Juan Amador

Restaurant Amador
Vienna / AUT

Guest of Executive Chef Rolf Fliegauf
Hotel Giardino Mountain*****-W-

29 January - 03 February 2024

Juan Amador, Restaurant Amador, Vienna / AUT

3 Michelin Stars

No. 6 on the OAD Top100+ European Restaurants 2014

Juan Amador Food

GOURMET DÎNER WITH JUAN AMADOR – 30.01.2024 – 31.01.2024

The German-Spanish chef Juan Amador was born in 1968 in Waiblingen, Swabia, Germany. At an early age, this son of Spanish guest workers discovered his enthusiasm for culinary arts: he began working in restaurants at the age of 16, and aged 20 he successfully completed his training as a chef at “Gasthof Lamm” in Weinstadt-Strümpfelbach. Juan Amador then gained experience in various restaurants throughout Germany, working among others as sous chef for Albert Bouley at the “Waldhorn” in Ravensburg. In 1993, he became head chef at the gourmet restaurant “Petersilie” in Lüdenscheid, where he gained his first Michelin star. A few years later he received another star, this time at “Fährhaus Munkmarsch” on the island of Sylt. In 2004, Juan Amador opened the first restaurant of his own, namely “Amador”, in Langen near Frankfurt. “I want my food to remain in people’s memories,” once said the star chef - also known as an avant-gardist. In fulfilling this aim he combines the refinement of French haute cuisine with influences from Catalan-Basque cuisine. His unique and creative culinary style has received international recognition, as well as from the Guide Michelin. In March 2019, Juan Amador was awarded 3 Michelin stars, making the AMADOR restaurant the first three-star restaurant in Austria's history.