Hideaki Matsuo

Osaka / JP

Guest of Executive Chef Janko Glotz
Nira Alpina****-W-

29 January - 03 February 2024

Hideaki Matsuo_Portrait

3 Michelin Stars

1 Michelin Green Star

Hideaki Matsuo_Food

GOURMET DÎNER WITH HIDEAKI MATSUO – 01.02.2024 – 02.02.2024

Japanese Hideaki Matsuo is the owner of the three Michelin-starred restaurant “Kashiwaya” in Osaka. He began his career as a young apprentice chef in the traditional “Shofukuro” restaurant in Kyoto, where he learned the basics of the highly complex Japanese cuisine. In 1989, he joined the "Kashiwaya", which at the time, belonged to his parents, and in 1992 he was appointed head chef. Today, Hideaki Matsuo delights his guests with a unique mix of creativity and perfection and serves dishes that enchant all the senses in the elegant ambience of the "Kashiwaya". Only the best is good enough, is the top chef’s philosophy. He only uses the highest quality seasonal ingredients; his creations being inspired by his love of nature and the aesthetics of Japan.

Hideaki Matsuo wants to preserve Japan’s traditional cooking techniques and has gained a solid place among the world’s top chefs with his clear attitude, his craftsmanship, and his deep respect for the traditions of Japanese cuisine, which are reflected in each of his dishes. The subject of sustainability is a particular concern for Hideaki Matsuo. He tries to avoid food waste in his restaurant and is committed to sustainable fishing. Since 2020, the Michelin Guide has rewarded his commitment with its “Green Star”.