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St. Moritz Gourmet Festival 2022 - “SWISS MADE”: A culinary journey through top Swiss Cuisine Since
Current status: St. Moritz Gourmet Festival 2022
St. Moritz Gourmet Festival 2022 - Programme announcement and start of ticket sales
Kick off-Medienevent im Oberengadin
The St. Moritz Gourmet Festival will be postponed by one year


Festival impressions in print quality are available for download here. (Please mind the copyrights.)

Photos of the guest chefs 2022 and the key visual can be downloaded below in print quality. 

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Dominik Hartmann* (Copyrights Digitale Massarbeit Magdalena)
Dominik Hartmann Food* (Copyrights Digitale Massarbeit Magdalena)
Tobias Funke* (Copyrights Olivia Pulver)
Tobias Funke_Copyrights_OliviaPulver
Tobias Funke Food
Tobias Funke_Food
Stefan Heilemann
Stefan Heilemann
Stefan Heilemann Food
Stefan Heilemann_ Food
Tanja Grandits*
Tanja Grandits
Tanja Grandits Food*
Tanja Grandits_Food
Patrick Mahler *(Copyrights Hiroshi Toyoda)
Patrick Mahler_ Copyrights_ Hiroshi Toyoda
Patrick Mahler Food (Kalbsmilke, Blumenkohl, Kressen ,Kapern) *(Copyrights Hiroshi Toyoda)
Patrick Mahler_Food_Copyrights_Hiroshi Toyoda)
Mitja Birlo
Mitja Birlo
Mitja Birlo Food (Tzatziki mit Kaviar)
Mitja Birlo_Food
Mattias Roock
Mattias Roock
Mattias Roock Food
Mattias Roock_ Food
Stéphane Décotterd*
Stéphane Décotterd
Stéphane Décotterd Food*
Stéphane Décotterd_ Food
Heiko Nieder
Heiko Nieder
Heiko Nieder Food (Hake and goose liver, confited lemons, hazelnut-“milk” and ginger) *(Fabian Häfeli)
Heiko Nieder_Food_Copyrights_Fabian Häfeli
Markus Arnold *(Copyrights Anders Stoos)
Markus Arnold_Copyrights_Anders Stoos
Markus Arnold Food (Spargeln) *(Copyrights Anders Stoos)
Markus Arnold_Food_Copyrights_Anders Stoos
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Festival Key Visual 2022 (print format A4, incl. crop marks)
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Festival logo (colour)
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Festival logo (b/w negative)
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Festival logo (b/w positive)