Tobias Funke

Incantare im Gasthaus zur Fernsicht

Guest of Executive Chef Kari Walker
Hotel Saratz****-W-

28 January - 1 February 2022

Tobias Funke Portrait

2 Michelin stars

17 GaultMillau points

95 points in Falstaff

Tobias Funke Food
Gourmet Dîner with Tobias Funke / 28.01.22 - 01.02.22
reservations directly at the Hotel Saratz****: +41 81 839 40 00

For the last five years, two-star chef Tobias Funke has been the Managing Director and Executive Chef at the "Zur Fernsicht" hostelry in Heiden, located in the Vorderland region of Appenzell with fine views over Lake Constance. Thanks to Tobias Funke’s holistic philosophy and his versatile skills, the business has developed into a pulsating culinary microcosm - with a wide range of gastronomy, for instance at the homely "Swiss Alpine Restaurant". Both the “Fernsicht Bar” and the “Smoker’s Lounge” also entice guests to linger and enjoy the fare. The hostelry has four boutique hotel rooms available for guests. Additionally, the hostelry runs a village café and, in winter operates the “Fondue Chalet” with its own skating rink, as well as regularly organising a farmers' market featuring suppliers and producers from the region. In the "Incantare" gourmet restaurant, Tobias Funke, in his own words, strives to "amaze the guests and make their taste buds dance". He likes to play boldly with spices and is not afraid of using bitter aromas or piquant accents in his dishes, says the top chef. His culinary signature is based on taste rather than having “trimmings or funny flowers” on the plate: “In my kitchen it is always a matter of getting the most out of the very best produce and to combine and present everything perfectly.” In Tobias Funke’s menus daring combinations collide - for instance “summer venison encounters black truffle, beetroot and New Zealand spinach” or “Carbonara and forest flavours meet Enoki mushrooms, Sbrinz cheese, egg yolk and Mostbröckli (a Swiss cured beef speciality)." It took Tobias Funke and his team three whole years to develop and perfect a creation using sunflowers. Born in Zurich, he likes to get to the bottom of things: "I know almost every one of our producers - even outside Switzerland, whether I dive for scallops in Norway, press coa juice in Ghana or buy beef in Ireland," he says. In the immediate area alone, there are five fruit and vegetable producers working for the 38-year-old top chef. According to GaultMillau, Tobias Funke’s “Zur Fernsicht” shows the direction in which innovative restaurants with young chefs are heading. In this manner, many producers gain access to a larger buying public and find new customers. Chefs, producers and guests can all talk shop eye-to-eye.

In 2011, Tobias Funke became GaultMillau’s youngest “Newcomer of the Year” since the launch of the gourmet guide. He trained as a chef at Schloss Rapperswil, followed by career steps at the Kunststuben restaurant in Küsnacht and Il Casale in Wetzikon. In 2006, Funke took over the Falkenburg in Rapperswil as chef and leaseholder on his own account and five years later the Obstgarten restaurant in Freienbach, before heading off to "Zur Fernsicht" in Heiden.