Jörg Sackmann

Restaurant Schlossberg
Baiersbronn (DE)

13 – 15 January 2018
Guest of the Waldhaus kitchen team, Hotel Waldhaus Sils*****

2 Michelin stars

17 GaultMillau points

4 diamonds in the Varta Guide

4,5 F in the Feinschmecker

4,5 toques in the Great Restaurant & Hotel Guide by Bertelsmann

4,5 spoons in the Aral Schlemmeratlas

9 Gusto pans

Two-star chef Jörg Sackmann comes from a renowned family in Baiersbronn, in the picturesque Black Forest, who has run the Hotel Sackmann there for the past 90 years. After his training with great pioneers such as Harald Wohlfahrt and Eckart Witzigmann, Jörg Sackmann turned the Schlossberg Restaurant into a Mecca for epicureans in 1993 and has continued to pamper his guests here with his culinary skills ever since. In addition, a large television audience enjoys his regular appearances demonstrating refined recipes as part of the “ARD Buffet” show. He always masterly combines regional produce with Mediterranean and Asian accents in his dishes, with herbs and spices from all over the world playing a central part - for example, in his signature dish “Wild Sockeye salmon in Jaroma cabbage with eucalyptus bark, barberries and potato broth”. The 56-year old finds his inspiration on his travels, and as the proud father says, his son Nico is already assisting him in the kitchen, showing equal amounts of passion for haute cuisine and “bringing along many revolutionary ideas”.